Beacons of Hope - A Not For Profit Organisation

There is always a better tomorrow!

Year 2020 has created many problems due to pandemic as the cities and countries are under lockdown, schools are closed and parents have to work from home.

So the parents are constantly on the lookout for ways to entertain and educate the kids and keep them busy. Kids also get bored as they cannot play with their friends or meet them at the school.

These conditions have also created a huge strain on people's mental health.
While there are many brilliant short stories and fables out there, the kids today are a lot more tech savvy and aware.
We therefore decided to create some short stories with nice illustrations which the parents can use as the bedtime stories for their kids or as stories to read.
We want the kids to grow with right values and therefore we are selecting the inspiring stories from recent past.

Please share your story ideas with us or if you would like to volunteer as a story teller or illustrator for Beacons of Hope.